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Most people find hair is permanently reduced by 95% after completing a course.

About Hair Removal

Virtually pain free hair removal for all skin types, all-year-round.

Alex James Clinic offers  a leading hair removal technique that reduces hair without any irritation, pigmentation skin change or scarring.

Laser Hair Removal is an effective hair removal treatment that’s convenient and long lasting; making hair removal easy. 

How does it work?

Melanin in the hair absorbs the light, transmitting the heat into the follicle, destroying the hair at the root without damaging the skin

A course of treatments will help to ensure that the procedure eventually targets each follicle, and the amount of hair removal will improve with each session. Seeing the outcome start to develop may take around 6 weeks from the start of the treatment, which will become more and more evident as time passes – as the hairs will need time to naturally expel.


Most people require 8-12 treatments for full removal, spaced 4-5 weeks apart. Some people see results after 1 session, for others it takes a little longer. Payment Packages available.


We have finance options available, payment packages and pay per session.

No Downtime

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Our Laser Practitioner


Dawn is our Laser Hair Removal specialist, in a private space you can relax and enjoy this pain free treatment.

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